Hadiah Terbaik untuk Mahasiswa yang Berkuliah Tahun 2024

Diakui, mahasiswa adalah orang yang sulit untuk dibelikan hadiah. Mereka berada di luar sendiri dan mandiri untuk pertama kalinya, jadi sulit untuk mengetahui persis apa yang mereka sukai dan apa yang sudah mereka miliki di kamar asrama mereka. Jadi ketika berbelanja untuk hadiah terbaik untuk mahasiswa, memilih sesuatu yang praktis, namun unik adalah pilihan terbaik. Kami tidak bermaksud perlengkapan pembersih atau alas tempat tidur (siapa yang ingin membuka bungkusan tersebut?). Sebagai gantinya, carilah hadiah yang benar-benar mereka butuhkan dan ingin gunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari yang sibuk mereka di sekolah, bekerja, dan bersosialisasi.

Hadiah terbaik untuk mahasiswa adalah barang-barang yang dipikirkan dengan matang, praktis yang akan membantu mereka menaklukkan empat tahun ke depan.

Apakah Anda membantu mendekorasi kamar mereka, memperbarui perlengkapan teknologi mereka, atau memberi sedikit penyegaran pada pakaian mereka, ada banyak item yang mereka akan senang miliki atau belum sadar bahwa mereka membutuhkannya (selimut berkualitas atau sandal mandi yang nyaman, misalnya). Dan jika Anda masih bingung, kami sudah menyiapkan solusinya untuk Anda. Berikut adalah 32 hadiah yang dipikirkan dengan matang untuk mahasiswa yang akan mereka gunakan dengan baik hingga kelulusan dan seterusnya.

Wearing an old robe is fine when they’re back home, but at school, they’ll probably want something a little more polished. This 100% Turkish cotton cover-up from Parachute is airy and lightweight (the material feels gauze-like), so it’s perfect any time of year. It comes in eight colors and has deep pockets to hold their essentials.

These kicks are the dream gift for anyone who saw the Barbie movie and wants in on Birkenstocks, or just loves the cult-favorite shoe. Made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), they’re able to conquer wet environments like the beach, pool or an overcrowded shared bathroom, while keeping weight evenly distributed and absorbing shock.


This is not your average cord keeper: It’s a handcrafted leather organizer by Mark & Graham that has pockets to hold all of their tech—chargers, AirPods, iPads, power adapters and more. The coolest part? You can have it monogrammed with their initials. There are 24 options to choose from, each with a cool two-tone look.

It’s much harder for them to drop—and crack—their phone if it’s slung around their shoulder. That’s why this Bandolier phone case, wallet and bag hybrid—which features a chic crossbody strap, classy leather covering and a card holder—will become their go-to for errands or parties. If Blake Lively and Martha Stewart are both rocking it, who can’t?

Getting up for an early class will always be tough, but a gentle light-filled wake-up feels a whole lot better than a blaring siren sound coming from a phone. The Hatch Restore 2 gradually glows and plays a birdsong when they’re ready to start their day. At night, it packs plenty of white noise, music and story options to help them relax.

There’s a reason Lululemon is the gold standard for loungewear. Made of abrasion-resistant and 100% recycled polyester, these are the kind of pants they’ll want to live in. They’re perfect for gym workouts, but just as good for Netflix binges.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask has been the go-to beauty gift for a while now, but this purple gummy bear version is brand new and so darn pretty. Just like the original version, it’s an intensive moisturizer that they can apply generously on their lips before bed to wake up chap-free and smiling.

Give them the gift of hydrated skin and open nasal passages. Sure, it’s not the sexiest item, but the Canopy humidifier is just 10-inches wide, so it fits right on a desk or nightstand and can hydrate 500 square feet of space with up to 36 hours of continuous run time. Their pores will thank them (and you).

They probably bought some sheets and a comforter when they first got to college, but a throw blanket is the perfect way to give their bed a mini makeover. Anthropologie is known for their inspiring décor items, and their faux fur throws are plush, cozy and luxe additions to any space. This style comes in seven colors, from poppy pinks to toned down tans.

Whether they’re listening to music to psych themselves up for a test or (finally) calling home to say hi, a quality set of wireless earbuds is a must-have. These Bluetooth buds offer eight hours of uninterrupted listening time (24 hours if you have the tiny charging case with you). They also have a noise-canceling mode so they’re great for studying, too—not that you have to mention that.

This Stakt mat is a great gift for students who want to stay fit, but lack the free time to hit the gym. The foam is twice as thick as your typical yoga gear, and folds neatly into thirds so it can double as a block for added versatility. The aforementioned folding also comes in handy to hide it away under the bed when they’re not using it.

First there was the nameplate necklace à la Carrie Bradshaw, then there was the dainty initial chain, and now, this Birthstone Pendant Necklace is the must-have personalized piece. Every day of the year has its own charm made of 14kt gold or sterling silver, embedded with four different stones chosen specifically for them (a little insert explains the meaning behind each one). If you’re running low on time, the good news is this ships in a week.

Come game day, any student would be lucky to be seen with this cool vintage-inspired piece. It can hold up to 15 cans of their drink of choice and has a leather strap so they can easily tote it around. We love this teal version, but it also comes in five other cheerful colors.

It’s an unexpected gift idea, but definitely a bright one. The minimalist Talia lamp takes up limited work space thanks to its 6-inch base and flat LED head, which can rotate to give a direct or ambient glow. Bonus: The base serves as a wireless induction charger and has a USB port so it can power up their other devices, too.

Apple AirTags are a great gift for everyone in your life, but especially for college students. They can attach these tiny tags onto their luggage, wallet, keys and even their student ID and they can track each item with their iPhone. Now, when they leave their stuff at the dining hall (it happens to everyone), they’ll be able to find it fast.

A present promoting safety may not scream “fun,” but it could be the most useful one you ever give them. This scrunchie will help them keep a cute ponytail, but more importantly it has a hidden pocket containing an elastic cover that they can pop over their beverage when they’re out to prevent their drink from getting spiked.

Phone, keys, wallet. It’s all anyone really needs to get out the door, especially if you’re running errands or heading to cheer on the home team. The Everywhere Belt Bag is a Lululemon cult-favorite that comes in 14 pretty colors, but this black version will go with just about any school’s colors.


Nori Handheld Press Iron And Steamer

Very few of us (college student or not) relish dragging out a chunky iron and big board to fix our going-out tops, so this practical gift is a time and outfit saver. Think of it as a hair straightener but for their clothes: They just slip their garment between the two heated plates and press to steam out any wrinkles using one of its six settings.

When you’re looking for a bit of a splurge gift that anyone can use, luggage is a foolproof option. The Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Hardshell rises to the top because it’s eco-friendly and adaptable, boasting 360-degree wheels, a side carry handle and a strong shell made of 70% recycled polycarbonate. Whether they’re coming home for spring break or starting their journey into the real world, this gift will go everywhere with them.

Any music lover will appreciate this tiny but mighty Bluetooth speaker. Not only does it offer 360-degree sound, it can blast tunes for 14 hours and has a wireless range of over 100 feet. They can use it in their room or take it outside without worry—it’s waterproof and can even be submerged for up to 30 minutes.

File this under gifts they’d never think to buy for themselves, but will totally fall in love with. It’s a sleek diffuser by Vitruvi that lights up (it’s a vibe) and gently emits a scented steam into their space. All they have to do is fill the water reservoir, add some of their fave essential oils, plug it in and they’ll have a sweet-smelling space.

School pride is on tap with these fun soda can-shaped pint glasses. They feature college-inspired artwork of dozens of schools including illustrations of key buildings, mascot colors and campus landmarks. So, role tide, go blue or hook ‘em horns!

Care package cookies and leftover pizza will last longer (and taste a whole lot better) when they’re stored in the proper containers. Made of food grade stainless steel with leak-free silicone lids, this vibrant set of three canisters by S’well can chill in the fridge or freezer. They’re also lightweight and great for toting snacks between classes.

When Selena Gomez debuted her Rare Beauty brand in 2020, it made a splash all over Instagram, TikTok, you name it. Now, she has launched body care, and it’s just as popular. This nutrient infused body lotion can hydrate skin for up to 24 hours without making it feel greasy or oily. It also smells delightful.

Whether your college student uses their phone to take notes or and scroll TikTok, they won’t need to worry about their device dying if they’re carrying around this handy Anker charger. It’s pocket-sized, fast-charging and gives them up to 20 extra hours of use. Goodbye to the “my phone died” excuse for missing calls.

There’s nothing glamorous about sharing a bathroom with 20 other people, but having luxe bath staples and an adorable shower caddy can help. This one is made of plastic with a silicone handle and is just over a foot wide, which will give them more than enough space to stash their shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body scrubs.

Loud roommates? Noisy dorm hallways? Neither one are match for this AcousticSheep headband that has thin, flat speakers inside and can connect to any Bluetooth device. It can play up to 10 hours of white noise or music at a time, which means it’s the perfect way to drown out whatever’s going on in their room.

There’s nothing like walking to class with an iced coffee in hand. And while some cold brew makers need to work overnight to produce a full cup by morning, this one has FlashExtract technology that can produce a pot in just under 20 minutes. Gift this to your college student with some of your favorite coffee or a coffee subscription and they’ll be forever grateful.

A tiny countertop appliance is a useful gift for students who don’t have access to a full kitchen or just have a super small space. This one by Dash is just 7-inches in diameter and will help them cook waffles, eggs, pancakes and even breakfast sandwiches, thanks to its five removable plates.

Gone are the days of throwing a few of your favorite products in a little bag. Thanks to TikTok (or BeautyTok, as it’s called), it’s now important to have plenty of options in a skincare routine. This vegan leather holder is stackable, so they can keep adding as their collection grows, plus it provides a pretty place to put all of their serums, creams, cleansers and more.

For the student that’s minoring as a sous chef, this useful and beautifully designed prep set by Material will give them all the tools they need. It comes with 8-inch and 4-inch Japanese high-carbon stainless steel knives, a sharpener and a colorful cutting board made of 75% recycled plastic. It’ll come in handy when they want to make an impressive meal from scratch or chop veggies to embellish their boxed mac and cheese.

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